Monday, June 27, 2016

DELTA BBM v3.5.5 [BBM_v2.13.1.14]

Changelog :
- Change launcher icon
- Running PM
- Clear cache
- Fix video call layout
- Move picture background file to SD Card/Android/data/com.bbm/files/DELTA/

Known Bug and How To :
- (MIUI ROM) Can't change Display Picture = Please use 3rd Gallery app from Playstore.
- (Direct update under v3.5.x) Conversation FC = Go to Delta Settings - Set Text Color - change Incoming and Outgoing Text Color.
- (Some Device) Lock Mode FC = Go to Delta Settings - Private Mode - check Blur View
- (Some Device) Background Picture not load = Manual method copy background.jpg to SD Card/Android/data/com.bbm/files/DELTA/* for CLONE SD Card/Android/data/com.bbm2rr/files/DELTA

Download :

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DELTA BBM v3.5.4 [BBM_v2.13.1.14]

Changelog :
- Contact Grid Column
- Show Hide Blur View
- Custom Text Size
- Broadcast, Link, Quote In/Out Message Text Color
- Custom Owner and Motto on Lockscreen

Note :
- Sebagian HH mengalami FC (BBM Terhenti) saat mode lock, diusahakan nonaktifkan Blur Viewnya..

Download :

Thursday, June 16, 2016

DELTA BBM v3.5.3 [BBM_v2.13.1.14]

Changelog v3.5.3 :
- Lock Style with Custom Clock Analog and Digital
- Hide Inbox Notifications
- Enlarge Cover
- Fix Backup Restore Chats

Download :

Sunday, June 5, 2016

DELTA BBM v3.5.2 [BBM_v2.13.1.14]

- Bagi yang nimpa bbm sebelumnya, lakukan Reset Pengaturannya dulu di delta settings atau ubah warna text pesan masuk dan keluarnya agar ga FC pas masuk pesan.

Changelog v3.5.2 :
- Lock Style
- Set External Ringtone Notifications and PING/Priority (Maybe Can't Running in Others Device. Please Report)

Changelog v3.5.1 :
- Fix Incoming Text Color
- Set Autotext from Button
- Input Broadcast Message

Changelog v3.5.0 :
- Update Base v2.13.1.14
- Backup Restore Preference (color can't restored *bug*)
- Flat StatusBar
- Show Hide Lock Button
- Circle With Shadow Avatar Type
- Circle With Wave Animation Avatar Type
- Night Mode [REMOVED]

How To Set Ringtone :