[UPDATE] DELIGHT v3.0.0 [BASE BETA v300.3.8.77]

Changelog :

  • Base Beta v300.3.8.77
  • Add Custom Navigation Tab Icon Style
  • Block Writing Status
  • Unread Status View
  • Profile UI with Custom Cover
  • Change Notification and Splat Icon
Features :

  • Color Scheme
  • Coloring System Bar (>Lolipop) with Light Status Bar (MIUI 8, Flime OS, Android M)
  • Custom Navigation Tab Icon
  • DP No Crop
  • Profile with Custom Cover Image
  • Save Timed Picture
  • Block Read Status
  • Block Write Status
  • Unread Status View
  • Contact View (Grid and List)
  • Big Drawer Display
  • Coloring, Position and Visibility Tab Layout
  • Change Notification, Connected, No Service, PING and Chat Title Text
  • Change Notification and Splat Icon
  • BOM Text/PING
  • And More..
Download :

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Posted by: DELTALABS
  1. Yang saya bingung, bagusan mana versi delta, deluxe, delight, dan d-base? Tolong bikin perbandingannya dong min...


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